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Located in the trendy SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, Zhen Wei Fang® is more than an amazing Chinese restaurant. We also offer exceptional Asian fusion food – from authentic Chinese dishes like Beijing Duck prepared with a contemporary edge to exotic plates with a specific French and Japanese flair.

In addition, we present a diverse variety of hot pots, spicy dry pots that allow diners to contribute personal creativity to their meals while enjoying a festive, fully interactive, dining experience.

Our mouthwatering spicy crab, sizzling hot stone wagyu beef, and lamb skewers will definitely tickle your taste buds!

If you’re looking for an unusual Chinese Asian fusion restaurant where you can order a traditional dish – that’s prepared by our chef and beautifully presented to your table – French or Japanese culinary delight, or you want to celebrate with friends by creating your own hot pot or dry pot masterpiece, all the appetizing options are yours.

At Zhen Wei Fang®, the food is always remarkable, the atmosphere is spectacular, the service top-notch, and the expansive menu choices are unprecedented. Together, a sense of place called Zhen Wei Fang® only exists here!

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At Zhen Wei Fang®, we’ve definitely stepped up the game of the Chinese restaurant encounter. We offer an amazing array of hot pot restaurant menu options, bringing far more exciting choices than just root vegetables, quality meats, and fresh seafood, cooked in a flavorful broth at your table. We also offer a multitude of delectable ingredient choices – from the traditional to the exotic, like certified MIYAZAKI A5 Wagyu Beef and local farm-fresh meat – that are specifically designed to thrill everyone’s palate.

Whether you’re seeking a soulful experience as a solo New York City diner, or you are planning a romantic first date or a dinner with a group of friends and want the joyous experience of cooking as well as eating together, Zhen Wei Fang® is the perfect choice for any occasion. We bring a modern twist of Chinese cuisine to the eclectic neighborhood of SoHo, and our goal is to be the place you retreat to, your kitchen away from home.

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Booking is easy. To make reservation, please call us at 646.681.7580 or 646.760.8369 between 12pm-8pm, Monday to Friday or use the form.


There are four private spaces available for lunch, dinner or indeed at any other time like receptions, presentations or brainstorms. In addition the restaurant is available for breakfast & private hire as are all the other spaces.

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