Okay, first of all, what is a hot pot? For everyone new to this dish (or in need of a culinary refresh), hot pot is a traditional Chinese family-style meal. A piping hot bowl of broth sits at the center of the table for guests to dip and cook their selected ingredients. It’s a bit like fondue, but with broth, vegetables, and proteins.

Hot pot is a beloved dish in authentic Chinese cooking as well as in modern-day Asian Fusion. It is easy to make and can be prepared to flavor and spice levels of your liking. 

Perhaps the best part about hot pot is its super accommodation powers that keep the pickiest eaters pleased at group dinners. Since you provide a variety of ingredients to dip, your guests get to pick which they want to cook and top them with the sauce of their choosing. 

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the aroma and flavor of mushrooms, so you can imagine the potency of basing your hot pot broth in Shiitake mushrooms. It’s an aromatic, savory, and perfect broth selection for fall.

How to prepare shiitake mushrooms 

Perfecting the mushrooms will inadvertently perfect your dish. It sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked or missed! A well-sautéed shroom will leave mouths watering and begging to return for more.

Once you have the mushrooms down, you’re ready to explore the complete recipe. 

Asian shiitake mushroom recipe

Time: 25-35 minutes

Cooking level: easy!

Delicious level: very

Spicy level: up to you



  • one red Fresno chile
  • three and a half oz. Shiitake mushrooms
  • four oz. broccoli
  • one lemongrass stalk
  • four oz. snow peas
  • three oz. carrots
  • two tablespoons miso paste
  • one fl. oz. soy sauce
  • one tablespoon chopped ginger
  • four oz. rice noodles
  • four oz. red cabbage

Asian shiitake mushroom recipe


  • Thinly cut Fresno chile (rounds)
  • Stem and cut mushrooms (1/8”)
  • Trim broccolini ends (2”)
  • Halve lemongrass, smash 
  • Thinly cut snow peas into strips
  • Peel and trim carrot (2” long, thin sticks)
  • Set aside


  • Add 3 cups water, ginger, miso, soy sauce, and lemongrass to pot; bring to boil
  • Bring down to simmer and cook (ten minutes)
  • Strain broth into bowl (remove solids)
  • Add rice noodles to separate bowl with hot water (soak for six to ten minutes)
  • Drain and pat-dry noodles
  • Set aside


  • Warm a pan over medium to high temperature
  • Add one tablespoon broccolini and olive oil. Cook for three to four minutes
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Remove broccolini and clean the pan


  • Add one tablespoon mushrooms and olive oil
  • Cook for six to eight minutes
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Remove mushrooms and wipe pan


  • Add one tablespoon olive oil, carrots, snow peas and red cabbage (keep separated)
  • Cook for one to two minutes
  • Add salt and pepper

Plating to perfection

  • Add noodles to new bowl
  • Decorate noodles with vegetables
  • Pour broth into bowl
  • Decorate with Fresno peppers

How to prepare shiitake mushroom with seasonal ingredients

Make this dish healthier and fresher by substituting or adding seasonal vegetables. If you’re not sure which veggies are seasonal in your area, head to your local farmers’ market. You’ll know right away what’s fresh and on the table!

Let’s talk about nutrition

Traditional Chinese cooking is big on nutrition that nourishes the body and mind by balancing out the individual’s energy and needs. This dish does provide a healthy serving of protein (12g) and the vegetables deliver an abundance of useful nutrients.

Come to Zhen Wei Fang to try our incredible shiitake mushrooms. Once you take a bite of our chef’s artistic craft, you’ll understand what we mean when we say preparation matters and you’ll be inspired to step up your game at home!