Getting ready to host a dinner party always leads to wondering what kind of appetizer or quick bite one can serve before dinner is ready. While it’s true that family and friends love to join in heart-warming banter and new conversations at the dinner table, guests also love to enjoy a light bite while arriving and visiting with one another.

Hosting an Asian Fusion night is a perfect opportunity to up your appetizer game and get creative with serving a new take on classic passed apps.

Let’s look at different options to serve before dinner, dietary alternatives and a quick glimpse at select recommendations.

What type of appetizer should I serve with Asian food?

Since Asian Fusion pulls from a blend of authentic Asian cooking styles, the options of passed appetizers are endless. You can serve bite-size sushi rolls featuring ingredients from your main course, miniature cups of Asian soups or one of the many beloved dough-wrapped Asian cooking bites, such as pot stickers or steamed buns.

Here are just a few of our favorite ideas to try out at home:

10 Kinds of Appetizers to Serve When Cooking Asian Fusion

  1. Pork (or veggie) Steamed Buns

Steamed buns make a delicious treat to serve to guests, and they’re delightfully charming in appearance, too. Steamed buns are easy to make, but they take a bit of time so plan to make them throughout the day while you prepare the rest of the night’s menu.

Steamed buns are typically served with pork inside, but each is created separately, so feel free to fill a batch with a veggie or alternative protein source of your choice.

  1. Rice Balls

It’s as easy as it sounds, yes. Rice balls are cooked rice patted together into little spheres to serve guests with a sauce drizzled on or alongside for dipping. You can add a vegetable such as green onion or diced carrot to spice up the ball. Another clever take is peanut butter and ginger cooked in with the rice and drizzled with soy sauce before serving.

  1. Spicy Fried Shrimp

When preparing Asian Fusion, tempura anything is the natural go-to. Guests love it, it’s easy to make and can be made as spicy as you like it. If some of your guests are plant-based, fry up vegetables instead and serve alongside the shrimp tempura. Our favorite veggies to tempura fry are carrots, zucchini, onions, and peppers. 

  1. Pot stickers

Pot stickers are another darling dough alternative to try out, and they’re much more conservative on preparation time and effort. Any ingredient of your choosing can fill pot stickers, although meat is the most common option. Be sure to provide a dipping sauce for guests, too.

  1. Sushi Rolls

Try offering simple sushi rolls as passed-apps, such as a California or vegetable roll. Your guests can enjoy one piece at a time.

  1. Mini Miso Soup

Keep your guests warm while you await dinner and serve petite portions of miso soup. The prep is easy, you can prepare the broth throughout the day and pre-fill mugs or miniature soup cups with seaweed and tofu. Don’t worry about fussing with a spoon to eat; simply enjoy by drinking.

strange appetizers

  1. Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Lather just about anything in teriyaki, and it’ll pass as an Asian Fusion appetizer. Chicken wings are a wonderful choice as they keep guests full and invite them to be casual with the typical chicken wing mess.

  1. Spiced up Edamame

Edamame is always a crowd-pleaser. Try baking edamame with a bit of spice for an added kick and serve with a soy sauce or other dipping sauce of your preference.

  1. Beef Skewers

Skewers are easy to make and eat, and they can be stacked with any ingredient for your non-meat eaters. Serve them on a circular platter, fanning them out from a central dipping sauce bowl. This invites guests around the app and gets the mood of the night to unfold.

  1. Dumplings

Dumplings are yet another dough-based app to serve to guests on Asian Fusion night. Fill them with any ingredient of your choice!

Strange appetizers never tasted so good

Embrace your inner culinary genius and get experimental with your appetizers. Of course, try them out before serving, but don’t hold back trying to share something new and different. Asian Fusion allows you the freedom to blend a variety of flavors and ingredients, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Do you have additional examples of appetizers to share?

We’d love to hear about them! Comment below if you’ve tried any of the listed appetizers or if you have a recipe to share with the group. Thanks to all of our readers chiming in and making sure everybody’s cooking and eating as deliciously as possible.

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